Mead and Chill

10 Apr 2021 / Oscar F
Mead with chilli

This is a chili mead recipe at experimental size.

Inspired by https://www.georgetimmermans.com/sweet-chili-mead.html

Required equipment:

Good to have equipment:

I used yeast Lalvin D-47 from Lallemand and vwp sterilizer.

To calculate the ABV you can use the formula:

(OG - FG) / 7.5 = ABV

OG : Original °Öchsle

FG : Final °Öchsle

After a total of 8 weeks of fermentation my result: (85 - ) / 7.5 = ABV

Or this formula:

(OG - FG) x 131 = ABV

OG : Original Gravity

FG : Final Gravity

After a total of 8 weeks of fermentation my result: (1.085 - ) x 131 = ABV


  • 1.5 litre Water
  • 500g Honey
  • 5 g Mead yeast
  • 3 Chillies


Clean and wash a 1.5 liter PET-bottle

Fill the bottle with water and sterilizer

Wait 10 minutes.

Wash the stockpot.

Pour the sterilized water from the PET bottle in the stockpot.

Wash two spoons, a funnel, a hydrometer, a thermometer, a bung and an airlock.

Put the equipment in the stockpot with the sterilized water.

Wait 10 minutes and rinse the equipment thoroughly and put them in a dish rack.

Dissolve the honey with 1.5 l new fresh spring water in the stockpot, heat the water to a max ~32°C to dissolve the honey completely.

Wait for the honey water mix to cool down below 20°C and measure the gravity with a hydrometer. I got +85 °Öchsle ( = 1.085 Specific Gravity)

Pour the honey water mix in to the PET bottle.

Pour the yeast in the PET bottle and put on the bung with airlock.

Let it ferment for at least 6 weeks.

Add 3 chilies.

Let it settle for at least three more weeks.

Measure the gravity with a clean, sterilized hydrometer.

Transfer into smaller glas bottles. Drink, enjoy and scold in the company of good friends!

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