Zen of Wagtail and work

03 Mar 2020 / Oscar F

The Zen of Wagtail

have some really good ideas about who should do what

and emphasizes the importance to use the right tool for the right job.

It does not take long to read and it is really worth that time.


Always wear the right hat.

Basically let designers design the website, editors create the content for the site and programmers write Python, HTML and CSS code.

A CMS should get information out...

of an editor’s head and into a database, as efficiently and directly as possible.
in its raw form - not one particular author’s idea of how that information should look.

Make sure the tools don't allow the authors to change the design of the site or even their own blog posts.

It ensures that the design remains consistent across the whole site

The best user interface for a programmer...

is usually a programming language.